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Employer of Choice Category: High Performance Culture/Engaged Workforce

High Performance Culture/Engaged Workforce
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Candidate organizations should describe in essay form how they systematically* create and sustain a culture in which leaders and workforce members are actively engaged, focused on high levels of performance and committed to improvement/innovation that positively impacts customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction/engagement. Responses to this item will address the following:

  • How do senior leaders create a healthy workplace environment characterized by high performance expectations and strong workforce engagement?

  • How do senior leaders promote a consistent focus on customer and employee satisfaction throughout the entire organization?

  • How are learning and development opportunities identified and provided to support workforce members in improving job performance and accelerating personal and career growth?

  • How do senior leaders create a focus on improvement and innovation within all aspects of operations? What steps do senior leaders take to keep workforce members informed about changes in the market, the customer base, technology, organizational performance, etc. to help them prepare for potential organizational and operating changes and identify potential improvement/innovation opportunities?


A highly engaged workforce enhances the potential of an organization to perform at its best. An organization’s ability to establish and sustain a focus on high performance and strong employee engagement will positively impact the attraction and retention of new customers, improve care and service quality, and provide employees with a fulfilling work experience. Actions of leaders that enhance engagement may include ongoing leadership development efforts, expanded employee involvement in design of their own work processes and experiences, individual development plans and strategies, among many others. Focus on improvement and innovation may be demonstrated through “out of the box” thinking, implementation of technology solutions, support and affirmation for leaders/employees who make improvements and test new approaches to enhance the customer and/or employee experience or create increased operating efficiencies, among others.


  • Does not meet: limited practices or early stage implementation
  • Meets: practices are generally established and showing maturity in implementation
  • Exceeds: practices are comprehensive and well established, fully implemented, outcomes measures in place to assess effectiveness

*“Systematic” is defined as follows: a process or approach that is systematic is characterized as well-ordered and repeatable, and uses data and information so that learning and improvement are possible

Sample of Organization's "Exceeds" Criteria Rating
for High Performance Culture/Engaged Workforce

Click the link below to read more on how Otterbein SeniorLife St. Marys "Exceeds" in High Performance Culture/Engaged Workforce.

Otterbein SeniorLife St. Marys: Culture/Engaged Workforce

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